Review of Widening Participation in 2017 


bigger than ever before

In 2017 we doubled the number of free support we delivered. 

We delivered over 650 hours of free university admissions support, to 198 students from 12 institutions. 

The New Schools Network reported that in previous years Oxford and Cambridge have accepted just 50 students eligible for free school meals (a measure of disadvantage). Last year 16 of the students on our programme received offers from Oxford or Cambridge. 

Broader than ever before

Previously, our programme has been based on interview preparation. 

However our user-feedback from students and teachers revealed that admissions tests are also an intimidating part of the application process. 

So last year for the first time we offered free admission test support to students from low income backgrounds. They sat tests in exam conditions, and received individual feedback on their scripts. 

exceptional volunteers

Our programmes are delivered by volunteers, all graduates from Oxford or Cambridge University. In 2017 they received exceptional feedback from the students they supported. 

98% of all students agreed that the feedback they received was useful in helping them prepare for their university application. 

97% of all students agreed that our volunteers were professional and well-prepared. 

overwhelmingly positive student feedback 

Student feedback on our programme was glowing.

Students reported that after completing our programme they felt more confident discussing their subject, more excited about their university application, and far more informed about the areas they needed to work on to improve. 

Don't believe us? Have a read below of what some of our students say about us. 

The support has been great. The volunteers are very nice, but their questions are difficult and challenging. Thank you very much!
The mock interviews really helped me relax when it came to the real thing. I was aware of what kind of questions could be asked of me and what the atmosphere would be like.
Really helpful and realistic. The volunteers were extremely passionate about helping us.
It was very helpful. The interviews gave me valuable information to help me in my real interview. Thank you for the help you’ve given me