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'Plan Your Application' access event, Saturday 16th March

  • King Solomon Academy United Kingdom (map)

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us for our ‘Plan Your Application’ access event, on Saturday 16th March

On this page you'll find:

  1. An overview of our access programme

  2. An overview of the event

  3. What we're looking for

  4. Travel and logistics

1. Overview of our access programme

OxFizz exists to bridge gaps in the UK’s education system, ensuring all students have fair access to top universities.

We ensure that students from the most disadvantaged backgrounds can freely access a programme of support to build the knowledge, confidence and skills to make successful applications to top universities.

Last year we trebled the size of our access programme - delivering 1609 hours of free support - and we’re on track to double this again in 2019. You can see full details of our programme here.

This is the second event of our 2019 access programme. Students will have previously attended an event helping them choose the university subject they want to apply for, and they’re now ready to focus in on the skills needed for their chosen subject and plan ahead for their application.


2. Overview of the event

At this event, volunteers will be running workshops with our students. These workshops will help students:

  1. Consider the subject-specific skills they need to refine for their applications (e.g. for Law, this could be reading legal statutes)

  2. Practice planning, answering and discussing sample questions in their chosen subject (these questions could be taken from admissions test papers)

  3. Create action plans - deciding on clear ‘next steps’ to prepare for their university application

Our aim is for students to leave this event with a greater awareness of the skills involved in their chosen subject, practice applying these skills, and with SMART goals to work on going forward in their application.

As always, our events aim to make students feel more positive about applying to top universities, and feel more confident they will fit in.

3. What we're looking for 

We’re looking for recent graduates from top universities who are passionate about university access, We welcome volunteer sign ups from a range of subject backgrounds.

With our support and guidance, you will:

  • Deliver workshops to students who are looking to apply to your subject (these may vary in size, depending on the subject’s popularity)

  • Plan and deliver a mock university tutorial in your subject for these students

  • Choose some practice questions in your subject, and work through these with your students

  • Use our resources to help your students create clear plans and goals for their university preparation going forward

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4. Travel and logistics

The venue for this event is the King Solomon Academy in Paddington (full address: Penfold Street, Marylebone, London, NW1 6RX). This is a 3 minute walk from Edgware Road.

The full event is scheduled to run from 09.30 - 14.00, though shorter days are possible.

Pastries for breakfast and a buffet lunch will be provided and, to further thank you for your time, the first round is on us at a nearby pub. The dress code is smart casual please. 

Lee, our Volunteering Coordinator

Lee, our Volunteering Coordinator

Our Volunteering Coordinator Lee Robertson will be running this event.

If you have any questions before the event, please email. If you need help on the event please call / message on 07464 631 970