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Volunteer Training Webinar


Thank you for your interest in our Volunteer Training Webinar, 5-6pm on Wednesday 16th October.

OxFizz volunteering is flexible - and that includes our training too. That's why we offer training over group webinars, during your lunch break or in the evening. You can sign up to the session which is most convenient for you. 

On this page, you'll find:

  1. What this training is for

  2. How to join this training webinar

  3. Who is running the training webinar

  4. What to do if you can't make any of the webinars

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1. What will this training webinar cover?

Our training webinars will enable you to be an effective mock interviewer with OxFizz. 

As you may know, on our Autumn 'interview days' our volunteers deliver mock Oxbridge admissions interviews to Year 13 students.  These interviews help students refine their interview skills and technique ahead of their university application. 

Our training sessions will:

  • Introduce you to the types of interviews we run

  • Support you with preparation for our interview days

  • Guide you on how to be an robust interviewer

  • Cover OxFizz's Child Safeguarding policies, and;

  • Signpost further volunteer resources

Webinars run for one hour and include time for questions.

If you're a new volunteer, you'll be required to complete a training session before your first event day. We've been thrilled to see the number of returning volunteers this year, too. If this is you, and you feel you could benefit from a refresher, you can sign up also.

2. How do I join the training webinar?

You’ll be sent a confirmation email and a link to join the webinar on the day

We use the '' online platform for our training - which is similar to Skype, but with no log in required. 

This works best on a laptop device. If you wish to connect to to the Webinar using your phone, you'll need to download the app. 

If you’re unable to see or hear our webinar, close the training call and then click the link emailed again to rejoin the call.  We'll send a copy of the training presentation shortly after the training finishes. 

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3. Who is running the training webinar?

Our training webinars are run by James, our Volunteering Coordinator. 

James manages volunteer recruitment and training, with day-to-day management of volunteer communications and engagement, event planning and delivery.

4. I can't make any of the webinar sessions. Are there any other options for training?

Yes! If you're unable to make our training webinars, we may be able to arrange some training for you over the phone or in person.

If this applies to you, please email James (our Volunteering Coordinator) with some alternative times you would be available for training.