Our Partnership with The Access Project

A key pillar of OxFizz's work to improve access to top universities is our partnership with The Access Project (TAP). Read on for how and why you can volunteer on our partner project with TAP at King solomon Academy in central london. 

On this page you'll find information on: 

  1. Who the The Access Project (TAP) are

  2. OxFizz's partnership with TAP

  3. What we've achieved so far

  4. How you can get involved going forward

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to be in contact with Lee, our Volunteering Coordinator and a TAP tutor himself, and he would be happy to help. 


1.Introducing the access project:

The Access Project works with students from disadvantaged backgrounds, providing personalised tuition to help them improve their grades and gain access to top universities. 

A young person who has participated in their programme is more than twice as likely to go to a top university than another student with the same academic track record and background. 

Volunteer tutors are at the heart of this impact, providing 1 hour per week of academic support to a student in their subject field. No prior teaching experience is required, and tutorials can fit around your job at a location which suits you. 

the access project


2. OxFizz's partnership with the access project:

In order to reach students and support them, TAP relies on charitable donations from sponsors. OxFizz is one of these sponsors - and was one of the earliest sponsors of TAP, and has now been joined by major corporates - Barclays, Rothschild, Slaughter & May amongst others.

OxFizz's annual donation employs an in-school coordinator to run and scale a programme at the King Solomon Academy (KSA), and we are lucky to have the fabulous Alice who works tirelessly to match the students with tutors, liaise between tutors, students and the rest of the school community, and ensure the programme's success.

We opted to support KSA as their student body is one of the most disadvantaged communities in the UK. Over 60% of students are on Free School Meals. It is also an incredibly effective school - in 2015 it was the best performing non-selective school in the country.

The school sets expectations from day one of Year 7 that all students can and should go on to top universities, and the students are incredibly hard-working, motivated and resilient. KSA is an incredibly positive community to be a part of and we're excited about the role this project has made with students over the years.

Students from disadvantaged backgrounds often do not achieve the grades their talents warrant; do not see university as an option for 'people like them'; and do not have the support or guidance to make a competitive application. 


Only one in every hundred pupils on free school meals received AAA grades or better at A-Level


3. What we've achieved so far:

We're incredibly proud of the university destinations of KSA we've supported, and the increasing size and effectiveness of the programme over the past 6 years.


KSA data.png
KSA Tutorial Hours.png


We are now aiming to reach 100 tutorial pairings in 2018/19. Availability of volunteers are the major barrier to this growth - with your help we can do this.


Case Studies: students at king solomon academy

Saba joined The Access Project at the start of Year 11, and is tutored in Maths. 

Saba said: "This year has been a delightful experience...Personally, I believe that anyone who is interested in taking their academic journey seriously should consider applying for The Access Project. Not only will you improve in your subject of choice, you will develop your skills that can be worked into other subjects, you earn praise for your hard work (boosting your self-esteem), and get a view on your academic future in one-on-one sessions.

The Access Project can be for anyone with the willingness to achieve above and beyond!"


Hani is tutored in Maths by Emmanuel, who is studying for a Masters in Mathematics at King's College London.

Since they were matched in October, Emmanuel and Hani have held 25 tutorials, sometimes meeting on Saturdays for extra intervention sessions. Hani is planning to put Imperial (A*AA) and UCL (AAA) as his firm and insurance choices to study Geology/Earth Sciences.

Emmanuel said: "Tutoring Hani has shown me that it does not really matter where one starts in life as long as one genuinely wants things to happen, one will find a way or another to achieve his or her goals. Contributing to the success of A-levels students with that mindset is extremely enjoyable and I can't wait to help another one next year!"



4. how you can get involved going forward:

Now, alongside funding the KSA programme, we also want to make sure we are enabling these brilliant students to access the talents of our incredible pool of volunteers, and would like as many as possible of you to commit to one year's worth of tutoring at the school.

There are three ways you can support Access Project students at KSA and beyond: 

  1. Tutor one student, an hour a week

  2. Volunteer with OxFizz on our access programme, giving direct interview support to students from disadvantaged backgrounds

  3. Volunteer with OxFizz's fee-paying clients to raise money for TAP

I could commit to one hour per week

Tutoring 1 hour per week

You can sign up to become a volunteer tutor, tutoring a motivated young person from a disadvantaged background. 


  • Use your education to help a 14 to 18 year old improve their grades at GCSE or A-Level

  • Develop your communication, mentoring and planning skills in your weekly tutorial

  • Tutor at a time convenient for you, fitting around your schedule

  • Be supported every step of the way with training, resources and a designated member of The Access Project staff


You can sign up below to tutor. Please mention if you heard about tutoring through OxFizz, as this will help us coordinate support and track our impact. 

We're also hosting a special training event for our volunteers at Hackney Community College  6-8.30pm Thursday 2nd August 2018.

I could commit to some weekend days’


If you're looking for a more low commitment way to support our access work, you can volunteer on our interview days.


  • Support students with their university applications at a location in Central London

  • Be trained as a 'mock interviewer', running practice interviews with students and providing them feedback

  • Sign up to the days which suit you, fitting around your schedule

  • Be supported every step of the way with training, resources, and feedback from our Volunteering Coordinator

OxFizz supports students from a range of backgrounds. Our volunteers deliver direct support to students from disadvantaged backgrounds. They also deliver support to paying students - and we donate the profits to a charity of their choice. They can pick any charity, including our access partners.

We’re proud that for every 1 hour of paid support we deliver, we’ll deliver 3 hours of access support.

Lee headshot.jpeg

Case Study: TutorS

Lee joined The Access Project as a volunteer tutor earlier this year, and tutors in A Level Psychology. 

Lee says: "I worried that tutoring would be too much of a time commitment, and that I didn't have the teaching experience or skills necessary to be able to effectively support a student. 

However, my experience has been nothing but positive. I really connected with my tutee, and I've enjoyed seeing her progress throughout the year - becoming more motivated and confident in a subject she previously hated. 

I tutor around my job, and enjoy finding time to do my own bit to tackle educational inequality."