FAQs on our access programme

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The students on our programme are referred to us by partner schools and access organisations.

We partner with organisations like The Access Project, IntoUniversity, Target Oxbridge, Villiers Park, and ARK Academies. They recommend students to us from their programmes who have the ability and motivation to make strong applications to top UK universities.

Currently the majority of students on our programme are referred by The Access Project (TAP). You can read about our long partnership with TAP here.

1.How do you select the students FOR your access programme?

All of the students on our programme must meet an academic and socio-economic criteria.

They must have achieved at least six 7 grades or above at GCSE level, or be predicted A*AA for the A-Level exams.

They must also meet one of the following criteria: Eligible for FSM; Ever FSM6; ACORN 4 or 5 postcode; POLAR 1 or 2 postcode; bottom 30% IMD postcode; or first generation in their family to have attended a UK university.

We liaise with our partners on any extenuating circumstances, especially relating to academic achievement at GCSE level.

2. Which students are eligible for your programme?

We support our students with year around events and resources. Students join our programme in Year 12, and we begin at the start of the calendar year.

  • In February we support students choose their university subjects

  • In March we help students plan their university application in their chosen subject

  • In July we support students with practice for any admissions tests

  • In September - November we support our students with 1-1 mock admission interviews

  • Throughout, students receive weekly newsletter with practice questions and other sample exercises

You can read more in more detail about our programme here.

3. What does the programme look like?

Our access programme is delivered by a team of volunteers, who have all themselves graduated from Oxbridge and other top UK universities.

These graduates give their time with us because they’re passionate about helping the next generation of students, sharing their knowledge and experience about the application process.

You can see more information on who volunteers with us here.

4. Who delivers the programme?

As part of the work we’ve been doing developing our impact management of our access programme, we’ve partnered with UCAS. This will allow us to access control group data to track the outcomes of our students versus their peers, from the end of the 18/19 academic year.

Currently we measure outcomes including the number of our students who take up offers at highly selective universities including Oxford and Cambridge. We measure input skills which we believe lead to strong applications (and other transferable skills) including confidence, interview and writing skills, and knowledge and understanding of the application process.

Another critical indicator of impact for us is our ratio of paid to pro-bono work. Currently this is 1:1 - we deliver a free hour of support for every paid hour. We are on track to improve this to 2:1 in 2019, as well as tracking the amount of resource we save our partners in the widening participation sector through provision of our expert pro-bono support to them.

5. How do you measure success on your programme?

We currently work with 25 partner schools and organisations, and are always happy to speak about new partnerships.

If you would like to learn more about how OxFizz can support your students, please be in contact with our Access Programme Lead, Lee, by scheduling a call here.

We’re excited to scale our programme and support more students, but please bear in mind that availability on our programme is limited.

6. Can my students join?