Who volunteers?

Our volunteers are typically graduates or postgraduates from Oxford, Cambridge, or other top UK universities

However, our volunteering opportunities are diverse and varied. If you feel outside of this bracket but feel you could help OxFizz is any way, we'd love to hear from you. 

Our volunteering opportunities are currently centred in the South East of England, and mainly across schools in London. But this year we are looking to expand the amount of mock interview practice we offer through online platforms, and so welcome offers to volunteer remotely.




Meet Our Volunteers

We have over 250+ excellent volunteers. Learn more about some of them, and why they volunteer with oxfizz:

Katie Danaher.png

Katie Danaher

I graduated in Theology from Oxford in 2016. Now I'm training as a mental health social worker with Think Ahead

I've volunteered with OxFizz as a mock interviewer over this past year. 

It's a really enjoyable and easy way to make a social impact. I tell my interviewees to show passion for their subject, and be open to new ways of thinking


Christoph Steinhart

I graduated with a BA in Political Science and Public Law from Mannheim University, and went on to study a Masters degree in International Relations at Oxford. 

I tutored on the summer school last year, running a 2-week course on Politics and International Relations for students from around the world. 

I volunteer with OxFizz because, being in a privileged role, it is essential to contribute in some way to the distribution of knowledge, and to support invaluable social initiatives in world still marked by substantial inequality and unfairness.


Jenny Whitby

I completed a BA in Biochemistry at Cambridge, and am currently in my fourth year of Medicine at Cambridge

I've volunteered for OxFizz over the past year as a mock interviewer. 

Supporting students in their Oxbridge application, particularly those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds, is very important to me.

In line with that, the money raise goes to Campus Children's Holiday, a brilliant charity that allows children with difficult home in Liverpool a chance to have a holiday.


Shanika Ranasinghe

I graduated in Music from Worcester College, Oxford in 2010. I went on to do a Masters at Goldsmith's, and am now a PhD student at Royal Holloway University. 

I've volunteered with OxFizz as a mock interviewer for over 3 years. 

I think it's a great way to dispel myths about Oxbridge, and give others similar opportunities for interview practice to the ones I had when applying,


Dilvir Bhullar

I graduated from Oxford University in 2017 with an MEng in Engineering, Economics and Management. Soon I'll be joining OC&C Strategy Consultants as an Associate Consultant. 

I've volunteered with OxFizz over the past year as a Mock Interviewer.

I volunteer with OxFizz to help break down barriers of applying to Oxbridge and support young people from achieve their potential


Victoria Barbour-Smith

I graduated in 2016 with a Masters in Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering from Cambridge. 

I actually was interviewed myself by OxFizz volunteers in my application. For the past year I now volunteer with OxFizz as a mock interviewer. 

I love meeting inspiring students who share my passion for science and engineering, and I want to help them build their confidence in the run up to their interviews (just like OxFizz volunteers helped me in the past!).

Katy Boncey .jpg

Katy Boncey

I graduated in Medicine from Oxford, and have gone on to become an NHS medical registrar working in Geriatric and Stroke Medicine in Oxfordshire.

I've volunteered with OxFizz as a mock interviewer for the past 3 years. 

I started volunteering after finishing university to raise money for a charity I'm passionate about. Now, I'm also passionate about finding the next generation of doctors and Oxford students from non traditional university backgrounds.


Bertie Boer-Roberts

I graduated in English Literature from Merton College, Oxford in 2017. I'm now studying as a lawyer, whilst working as a photographer and filmmaker. 

I've volunteered with OxFizz has a mock interviewer over this past year. I enjoy watching candidates realise their academic opinions are valuable, and encourage them to trust their instincts and speak their mind - they have lots to offer!


Izzy Webb

I have a BA in Natural Sciences from Cambridge and a PhD in Plant Microbiology from Oxford and the John Innes Centre, Norwich. 

I've worked in the Dept. for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy as a Policy Advisor, and I now work in a similar job at Defra in the Forestry Team. 

I've volunteered with OxFizz over the past year as a Mock Interviewer, and have helped out on their Widening Participation Programme. 

When I applied to Oxbridge my state school didn't provide much support and I went into the Interview blind. I want to share my experiences to help other state school students avoid that situation.


Catherine Bevin

I graduated in Classics from Cambridge in 2015, which I did because I have a wide-ranging love of languages, history, history of art, and more. 

I now work for the civil service in what is known as a "commercial" role - I work with suppliers who deliver public services to make sure they run as well as possible while still being value for money

I've volunteered with OxFizz for the past 2 years as a mock interviewer. 

I volunteer with OxFizz to fundraise for the Julia Thomson Memorial Trust, and because I enjoy keeping in touch with my academic subjects. 


Miriam Chapman

I graduated in Human Sciences from Oxford in 2016. I'm now a Fellow at Year Here, a full-time postgraduate course in social innovation.  

I've volunteered for over 2 years at OxFizz as a mock interviewer. 

I volunteer with OxFizz because I am such a cheerleader for my subject, Human Sciences, and love meeting applicants from a diversity of backgrounds and spreading awareness of the course. Volunteering for mock interviews is a fab opportunity to have weird and wonderful discussion as well as raise money for the charity of your choice.


Rachael Griffiths

I am currently a DPhil student at the University of Oxford, having completed a MPhil in Tibetan and Himalayan Studies (University of Oxford) and a BA in Study of Religions and History (SOAS). 

I've volunteered with OxFizz as a Mock Interviewer, and do so to fundraise for Branch Up, a student-run charity that tackles extra-curricular disadvantage in and around Oxford.

I also believe Oxbridge should be an entitlement for all students, and I feel that volunteering at OxFizz is a way of aiding that.

Katie (1).jpg

Katie Gaynor

I graduated with an MA in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry from Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, and then completed a DPhil in Clinical Medicine at Green Templeton College, Oxford. 

I've volunteered with OxFizz for the past 10 years, and was involved since the formation of Oxbridge Interviews. 

I volunteer because I find it fascinating to meet and help develop the skills of so many young people with potential to go on to study at Oxbridge. 


Devina Banerjee

I graduated with a BA in Classics from the University of Cambridge, and now work as a Junior Consultant at Theorem, a multinational technology and digital media company. 

I've volunteered with OxFizz as a mock interviewer over this past year. 

It's a great way to spend a day on a weekend fundraising and meeting likeminded people.