Our University Access Programme

What we do

OxFizz exists to bridge gaps in the UK’s education system, ensuring all students have fair access to top universities.

We know that even when disadvantaged students achieve the same grades as their peers, they are still less likely to win places at top universities. Combined with wider inequalities in our education system, this means an 18-year-old from the disadvantaged quintile has a 1 in 50 chance of going to university; versus 1 in 4 in the most advantaged quintile.

We exist to level the playing field – ensuring that students from the most disadvantaged backgrounds can freely access a programme of support to build the knowledge, confidence and skills to make successful applications to top universities.

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when we do it

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Our year long programme provides students from disadvantaged backgrounds with the help and support to win a place at a top university.

Feedback from our partners highlighted a gap in human resources and the expertise to run specialist Oxbridge support. With that in mind, our programme focuses on five main areas, helping students:

  1. Choose their university subject (February)

  2. Plan their application (March)

  3. Practice for their admissions tests (July)

  4. Prepare for their admissions interviews (September)

  5. Practice for their admissions interviews (October-November)

How we do it

We do this on a cross-subsidy model, working across the education sector. We deliver exceptional quality educational services through our two brands Oxbridge Interviews and Oxbridge International Summer School.

Where families and schools are fortunate enough to be able to pay for these services we charge a fee. Our work in the private education sector allows us to make the same services available free of charge to students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Our services are delivered by our network of 200+ graduate volunteers. This extremely talented group of mostly Oxbridge and medicine graduates give their time over because they enjoy sharing their academic passions with the next generation of motivated and intelligent students.

Who we partner with

We are proud to work with a range of prestigious trusts and foundations to help students to achieve their aspirations.