Why volunteer?

Our volunteers have a range of motivations for volunteering with us. Here are just a few reasons you may want to join them: 

Fundraising for a charity close to your heart

If you volunteer delivering services to paying clients, we make a donation to a charity of your choice. This donation is made at the end of our financial year (April). 

Since OxFizz was founded we have donated over £800,000 to our volunteers’ charities. Summer school tutors raise £1,000 per 2-week programme, while our top mock interviewer for 2017 raised £750+. 

You're free to choose a charity close to their heart, and through OxFizz funds have been raised for charities across a variety of sectors. You can see case studies of charities our volunteers have supported here

Helping widen participation to the UK's top selective universities

At OxFizz we are passionate about increasing access to the UK's top universities, including Oxford and Cambridge. We want students from low socio-economic backgrounds to reach their academic potential, and every service we deliver helps us toward this aim. 

You may deliver services directly to these students, by taking part in our burgeoning Widening Participation Programme. Last year in this programme we delivered 653 hours of pro-bono support to 196 pupil premium students from 12 different institutions. 

Even if you work with paying clients, the revenue you help raise will go toward funding our programme and access programmes elsewhere. Each year OxFizz makes a £40,000 annual donation to The Access Project (TAP) and IntoUniversity. 

Flexible volunteering

You can volunteer with OxFizz on a flexible and low commitment basis. We provide volunteering opportunities for graduates who are time-poor, and who may have plenty of other commitments. 

Our summer school tutors only commit to several hours of teaching per day, and mock interviewers can come to as few as 2 interview days per season. 

Over 70% of our current volunteers say they were drawn to OxFizz because of its flexibility. 

Sociable volunteering

If you volunteer with OxFizz you'll have the opportunity to meet and network with other like-minded graduates. 

Often friends volunteer together, and new friendships develop among volunteers. Our summer school tutors meet for welcome drinks and other social events, and at each of our mock interview days our volunteers enjoy a catered lunch together and a trip to the pub afterwards. 

Why not tell your friends about volunteering with OxFizz?

If you volunteer with OxFizz, you'll get the chance to revisit the topics you found most interesting at university. 

Our graduate volunteers often comment to us how much enjoy discussing subjects they are passionate about with the bright and engaged students we support. 

Volunteering with OxFizz is an excellent way to keep up your academic interests. 

Re-engaging with your university subject