Supporting Charities

Since we were founded, OxFizz has donated over £940,000 to different charities across different sectors. 


What we do

We recruit recent graduates from top UK universities as volunteers. 

Our volunteers deliver educational services on our behalf, like mock interviews, workshops, or tutoring on our summer school. Volunteering is low commitment and flexible.

If a students' family or schools is able to pay for this service, we charge a fee. We then donate this fee to a charity of the volunteers' choice. The more they volunteer with us, the more we donate to their charity. 

You can read more on our model here.

How we can help

We partner with charities to help them reach their fundraising targets. 

  1. You refer to us anyone in your organisation who may be interested in volunteering with OxFizz

  2. We train and support them to deliver high-quality education services, like mock interviews, workshops, or summer school tuition

  3. They can then choose to donate the money they've raised to your charity

If there are a large group in your organisation who may be interested, please do let us know and we'd be happy to come deliver in-house training. The more people, the more fundraising. 

For example, 13 volunteers and staff from Campus Children's Holidays raised over £4400 for their charity in 2017/2018.

Case studies:

I am writing to express our gratitude to OxFizz and your volunteers for supporting KEEN Oxford for another year. Donations such as these are absolutely essential for the ongoing survival of KEEN, which has no guaranteed rolling funding. With your help we will be able to match our success last year, where KEEN brought together 140 Oxfordshire children and young people with special needs with more than 330 volunteers for a diverse array of sporting and social activities
— KEEN Oxford
Thank you to your volunteers for their kind donation of £1,631.76 in support of the ARK Schools Music Programme. We’re all so grateful for your continued hard work and dedication
— ARK Schools music programme
Our partnership with Oxfizz has seen Prayog raise a total of £4000 through the contributions of 3 volunteers. This not only helped to secure our targets for fundraising, but also ensured that the society had funds to deal with the unforeseen circumstances such as the dissolution of the start‐up company in question. The OxFizz partnership has also ensured that we have seed money so that we can plan a more impactful project in the year to come
— Prayog
We have just heard the wonderful news that your volunteers have raised funds of well over £3,000 for the Oxford Food Bank. Because we receive our food from suppliers free of charge and our running costs are kept to a minimum we are able to provide around £20 of food to other charities around Oxford for every £1 we receive in donations. Your efforts equate to us supplying nearly £70,000 worth of food to less fortunate members of our local community, and in the process reducing food waste by the same amount! Once again, many thanks for your extremely generous contribution which is greatly appreciated by everyone here at OFB
— Oxford Food Bank

Interested in partnering with OxFizz to raise money for your charity?