Volunteer feedback

oxfizz is volunteer-led, and places great importance on volunteer feedback. 

Below are the headline results from our 2017/2018 data analysis. As part of this analysis, we invited all of our volunteers to fill in our annual feedback form, and received 44 responses. 


100% of our volunteers had a 'good' or 'very good' overall experience 

We're delighted that our volunteers enjoy working with us as much as we enjoy working with them. 

"I love volunteering with OxFizz - it's really great fun!"; "I was entirely happy with the structure and constitution of volunteering days"; "OxFizz is a well-oiled machine." 

Our volunteers delivered 309 hours of access support, a 92% increase on the previous year. 

We're proud to have delivered more hours of pro-bono support than ever before. 

As we expand our Widening Participation Programme, our volunteers are clearly rising to the challenge! For 2018/2019 we've set the ambitious aim of 1000 hours of free access support. 


110 new volunteers engaged 

We're thrilled to have welcomed 110 new volunteers over this past year, as well as welcoming back familiar faces. 

Since OxFizz's inception we have engaged well over 500 graduates in volunteering.

We're looking forward to our volunteer community growing even further this year. 



98% of our volunteers rated us 'good' or 'very good' at communication

We're happy that our volunteer communication is strong, and we're looking to make even more improvements this year. 

This includes growing our social media presence, inviting volunteers to schedule a call with Lee anytime, and creating a page on our new website for volunteers to ask us any questions about upcoming event days.


10.2 hours completed on average

We pride ourselves on providing graduates with flexible, low commitment opportunities to volunteer. 

We only ask that our volunteers complete 2 volunteering days with us. They can then sign up to as many or few as they like. 

We're also expanding our remote volunteering. 


We attract volunteers with a range of motivations 

We cheekily asked volunteers, if they had to choose, what most motivated them to volunteer with OxFizz:

  1. Fundraising for a charity of their choice
  2. Widening participation and access to top UK universities, or
  3. Engaging more with volunteering and the charity sector 

As you can see, there is no one main reason that graduates volunteer with us. 

In fact, the great thing about volunteering with OxFizz is that you can achieve all of these things at once. As one volunteer put it, "I would actually say all of these motivations are tied in with each other!"


What volunteers have said about our event days: 

The overall experience was excellent - very good support on preparation for the day and feedback on resources, and very well-organised and well-run on the day
Well-organised and structured - and a nice amount of time for the volunteers to mingle with each other too. I thought it was really nice to see familiar student faces, and see the rewards from previous sessions. Especially when I found out they remembered me!
The students were bright and brilliant! Truly inspiring and committed. And the support I received in advance of the day from Lee was very helpful to - it helped me shape my sessions”
Lovely positive attitude from staff, and really nice cake and tea on the day
Good session format; nice venue; great rooms (all set up which was greatly appreciated!); nice lunch; materials printed for me on arrival; friendly hosts; very engaged students
The organisation was very thorough - lots of reminder emails , plenty of details of what we’d be doing, plenty of availability for training
I really felt welcome by the introductory talk and the food and coffee throughout the day!