Interviewing in: Law

Background on subject

Law is a popular degree at both Oxford and Cambridge, with key themes including analysis, interpretation, logical reasoning, ethical judgement, political liberty and social control. At Cambridge, Law is a three-year BA (Hons) whereas Oxford offers the option to study a four-year course with a year abroad.

There are no subject requirements for the three-year course, but if applying for the four-year course at Oxford then students will need an A-Level in the relevant modern language.

At Cambridge, students have to sit the Cambridge Law Test, and some colleges require submission of written work prior to interview.

At Oxford, students have to sit the National Admissions Test for Law (LNAT).


Can I interview in this subject?

You do not have to have studied Law at university to give a robust and rigorous practice interview in this subject. 

Volunteers from the following subjects, or similar, will also be able to deliver Law interviews:

Interview types

There are two different types of practice interviews in Law, which you may be asked to deliver. 

  1. Interview on 'application material' - asking the students' questions about their personal statement, or an essay they will submit as part of their application

  2. Interview on 'unseen material' - asking the students' questions on an article, study, or research paper they have not seen before, testing how they handle new material

SAMPLE Resources

Below you can access a folder of resources for conducting Law interviews:

  1. Interview on application material - you can see a sample personal statement, highlighted with examples of questions which could be asked

  2. Interview on unseen material - you can see examples of articles which have previously been given to students, along with questions

These resources are intended for inspiration - to give you an idea of the level, length and themes of the material we use in our practice interviews. However, should you wish to use this material in the practice interviews you deliver, just let us know so we can make sure returning students haven't seen it before!