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Here you will find a range of information about applying for economics courses at Oxford and Cambridge universities, from the application procedure itself to how best to prepare along with practice material and other online resources.


  • Background
  • Preparation
  • Material
  • Advice and further resources


Cambridge University:

Course(s) available:

  • Economics

Entry requirements:

  • A*A*A*
  • Mathematics A-level
  • Cambridge Economics Admissions Assessment
  • The following colleges require one or two essays to be sent prior to interview: 
    • Christ's
    • Churchill
    • Homerton
    • Lucy Cavendish
    • Murray Edwards
    • Peterhouse
    • St Edmund's
    • Trinity Hall

Application success rate: 17%

Oxford University:

Course(s) available:

  • Politics, Philosophy & Economics (PPE)
  • Economics & Management
  • History & Economics

Entry requirements:

  • AAA-A*AA (depending on course)
  • Mathematics A-level (recommended)
  • Thinking Skills Assessment (further admissions tests may be required depending on course)

Application success rate: 7-13% (depending on course)

Preparation for volunteers:

Reading List:

Admission tests past papers:


Preparation for students:

Reading List:

  • OxFizz reading list
  • Oxford reading list
  • Cambridge reading list

Admissions tests past papers:

  • Thinking Skills Assessment
  • Cambridge Economics Admissions Assessment


Students should be encouraged to develop their own subject interests. If the student is yet to find a topic they are particularly interested in, they may find it helpful to consider the following broad topics and explore specific areas as appropriate:

  • Game theory
  • Protectionism
  • Econometrics
  • Economics in developing countries
  • Economics and history
  • Economics and philosophy
  • Economics and politics

materials for volunteeers

Materials for students: