Who we are

OxFizz is a not-for-profit organisation, working in education. We deliver services like mock university admission interviews. 

  • You can volunteer with us, on weekend event days in London and the South East
  • Here our volunteers deliver mock university admissions interviews, to Year 13 students looking to apply to Oxford or Cambridge.
  • If the student's family or school can afford to pay for your services, we'll charge a fee, and donate the profits to any charity you choose 
  • This year our volunteers will also deliver 1000 hours of free interview support to students from disadvantaged backgrounds. 
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Why volunteer

We have a network of 300 volunteers. They have a range of motivations for getting involved: 

  • Raising money. On average you can raise £400 for a charity close to your heart. We've donated over £860,000 to our volunteers' charities. 

  • Widening access. This year we plan to deliver 1000 hours of free interview support. We also donate £40,000 annually to our access partners. 
  • Flexible. You sign up to the days which suit you, and all take place in convenient locations on the weekend 
  • Social. Our event days are a great opportunity to meet like-minded people, and socialise over lunch and a pub trip afterward. 
  • Re-engage. Stay in touch with your university subject after you graduate, re-visiting the areas you're most passionate about. 

Our impact 

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